This Roman bust dates to the 1st century BCE and was once thought to represent Caligula’s brother-in-law Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo. But whoever this guy was, he clearly had one of those faces you can’t but want to punch. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

which reminds me

Nikolaus Gerhaert - Self-Portrait - composite

If Nikolaus Gerhaert (circa 1420 – 1473) lived in Italy, we would probably know everything there was to know about him, and monuments to Gerhaert would grace major cities’ piazzas. But as he was born in Leiden and seems to have spent his career in various Germanic lands, all we have are his works, few and far between as they are. The best of these, like the presumed Self-Portrait of circa 1467, make one think of his older contemporary Donatello’s sensibility — and skill. Source: violetcras @ typepad, Tempi.it.


Tollund Man - sub

Max Beckmann - Self portrait with Champagne Glass - sub


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