tlatilco face mask

Face maskTlatilco culture, Mexico, 1000–550 BCE. Combining features of Olmec man-jaguar with crocodilian teeth and conventional representations of old men, the best guess is that this mask evokes some king of angry kick-ass spirit. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art.

which reminds me

stone mask israel

The oldest masks in the world, of which this is one, date to around 7000 BCE and come from the region of Judean Mountains in Israel. Intriguingly, of the dozen or so known examples no two are exactly alike, indicating that they represent specific people, perhaps ancestral figures, and/or signal clan affiliations. This mask also has a curious provenance; it used to belong to the famous Israeli general Moshe “eye patch” Dayan. Source: Google Cultural Institute.


Lincoln 1860 life mask - subpunic masks tunis - sub


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