Head over Heels

Qajar painting - Female acrobat

By the early 19th century, of all the medieval traditions of painting just one was still going strong — that of Iran. This adventurous canvas, the almost life-size Female Acrobat of circa 1815, is representative of the best works of the period, with their complex geometric subdivision of pictorial space, flat perspective, rich Klimt-like patterning and an almost cubist treatment of the body. I personally think it is absolutely phenomenal. Shame the school didn’t last; European all-too-realistic influences ruined it only a few decades later. Source: Victoria and Albert Museum.

which reminds me

ostracon dancer turin

Female dancer, ostracon from Deir el-Medina, Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty XIX-XX (1292–1070 BCE), now in Museo Egizio, Turin. Source: egiptologia.com.


female dancer figurine hang - 3 - sub


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