Frozen Music

Kaiho Yusho - Fishing Nets

Kaihō Yūshō, Fishing Nets Drying in the Sun, circa 1600–1615, colour and gold leaf on paper, 160 x 351 cm (one of a pair of six-panel screens, Imperial Household Agency, Kyoto, Japan). One often hears of the importance of rhythm in painting, but hardly ever is it as evidently perfect as here. Source: James B. Leavell.

which reminds me

Antwerp Law Courts - composite

Goethe famously called architecture “frozen music”. This, then, is what frozen IDM looks like. Richard Rogers, Antwerp Law Courts, 2000–2006. Source: e-architectThe Glass Blog.


Santiago_Calatrava_Ysios_Bodega_13 - sub


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